Thursday, August 12, 2010

Selfishness, Self-Absorption and Greed-The Anarchy of the New World

Today I thought I would talk about Anarchy. The idea of complete autonomy in society.

The anarchists think there should be no laws whatsoever. That everyone is totally separate from everyone else and should rule themselves with no responsibility to anyone else. That is my paraphrasing and not from the dictionary, however I think it sums up the idea pretty well.

When I was growing up, it was a very important part of the raising of any child-sharing. Hence the phrase, does not work well with others. We were expected to share and become a responsible part of society. Caring for your friends and neighbors was integral to being respected. Not going to prison and getting initiated into a gang to get respect.

Street cred then would have made you a thug. A person whom no one could trust. A perfect example of what  not to be. It worked well. Communities took care of each other and people cared. You could count on your family and friends. They didn't marry you then turn you out to be hookers. You never heard of a teen putting her baby in a dumpster or getting her boyfriend to kill her whole family just because they had put a curfew of 10 pm into effect when she turned 16.

You never saw 9 year old girls dirty dancing on TV or at school plays.

I'm not saying the world was perfect, but it certainly was better. Before you go thinking I'm 90 years old, i'm not. I'm 44 at present and these changes have only been happening for a couple decades. Of course racism was even worse. Homophobia was worse.

The changes in the world hasn't been all bad. Technology and communication is amazing these days and I wouldn't change that for anything. Knowledge is not only power, but enlightening and makes everyone a better person.

In my immediate now I am most concerned with greed, selfishness and the idea that the individual is the only thing that matters.

Well, let me give you some insight on how to make your own life better. Care about others. It's that simple, but to try and prove that I will try and explain why caring for others makes your life better.

Gaining personal wealth and respect is certainly good for most people. Makes them feel important and accomplished. A sense of security in an insecure world. Having goals and accomplishing those goals keeps a person alive and vibrant. No one wants a person with just drama and trouble in their life. No one wants to hang around a person with low self esteem who doesn't care about them-self.

But who wants to live in a world where you can't walk down the street without fear that the next anarchist you meet will rob you or worse? The problem with selfishness is that it makes people take what they want instead of working for it. If you steal what you want, there's no goal accomplished except to make you more cynical and less caring.

The closest thing an anarchist will ever get to love or family is joining a gang. What a wonderful life. Full of death and loss, drugs and fighting.

I realize my saying it out loud does little if any good. Yet there has to be someone out there to say it.

Corporations are anarchists. Republicans are anarchists. Gangs and street thugs are anarchists. It's not just for teenagers anymore.

If every cell in your body suddenly decided to prescribe to the theory of being individuals first then being part of the body, you would explode.

Our world of people is a body of like organisms that need each other to survive. What's good for the whole is good for the survival of the individual. It make the whole body healthy. Less susceptible to disease. Better immune systems.

On a larger scale, taking care of our earth prolongs our health and wellbeing also.

Taking care of your family instead of spending all your energies trying to get away from it makes you stronger, less stressed and healthier.

A football or basketball team can't win if each person is playing against every other player, including their own teammates.

In entertainment, you can't be the popular rich guy if you don't get the rest of the world to love you. It's a cooperative effort. People don't seem to see that these days.

In politics, conservatives have become the rich and the corporate empires. That alone should tell you something about how greed changes people. Republicans want less government and taxes on the rich, while totally ignoring the middle and poor classes. They don't want welfare and food stamp programs. They fight against the legislation that will put regulations back on Wall Street. They fight for the very things that tanked our economy in the first place. They scream. "free market!" saying that competition is the only way to a successful economy. It only works on low levels. A free market allows for cornering markets and price setting and fraud to run rampant. Deregulation. Of course greedy people like deregulation. Anarchy without law.

Conservatives and the religious love war, all the while Jesus spoke of loving your neighbor as yourself. Surf the internet on any topic involving politics and you will hit a sea of hateful, angry, incomprehensible, uninformed and generally livid people, 90% of which get's facts from sources like Fox News and from religious views. Most of which are incorrect and at the least, not full of the love and charity Christ told them to have.

Instead of turning the other cheek, they bomb abortion clinics, give death threats to liberal offices, beat up gays, hang witches, disown family who chooses different religions, their clergy abuses children, are the leaders in cheating scandals and attract all the racists and Aryans to their party. They fight to keep health care from anyone who can't afford it, talk about fraud in welfare, yet are the party of the Wall Street deregulation that allowed Bernie and others take billions from the rest of us that are just trying to have a decent retirement when we finally get there.

The new "Name it and claim it" Christians are the liars and cheaters and abusers and greedy and selfish not to mention ignorant. Their no better than their gang counterparts, just less in your face about it. No, I take that back. Their definitely more vocal than their peace loving counterparts.

Greed blinds you to love and decency.

Factoid-Did you know that people in Blue states are healthier and live longer than in the Red states?

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