Thursday, August 12, 2010

Music Remixes

As a long-time professional musician, I have oft been very upset by some of the changes in the music industry. Rap was one of them. Yes, I'm white but that had nothing really to do with it.

I spent most of my life learning to become the best musician I was capable of becoming. I learned to play 11 different instruments and did my best to not get in a rut just liking old music or just what was popular.

When Rap came on the scene, I noticed the dance-ability and beat. That was good. The problem was that there was little music to be had at all. Just jungle rhythms and rhymes. Where was the music?

Then they tried to start calling it rock and roll. That incensed me. No one called Disco rock and roll!! No one tried to call Opera rock and roll either. Rock and Roll has always had it's own sound that evolved over time.

I also noticed that people started calling The Eagles country. That was just as bad. Just because something is soft does NOT make it Country music.

The straw that broke the camels back was when Rap artists started using old songs and remixed them with rhyming crap and then called it their own.

If you don't have the talent to play your own instruments, don't have the talent to sing and can make up a rhyme but choose to use other's stuff instead, you ought to get out of the business and quite stealing other people's original works. If you did that in college you would never ever get a job in writing novels. You would be kicked out of school for starters. You're the worst kind of liar.

These same "artists" then claim that you are ruining their business and hurting them financially if you download one of their songs without paying for it. Hippocrates. No talent hacks with a feeling of entitlement.

And that's The Real Truth.

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