Thursday, August 12, 2010


If everyone told the truth, there wouldn't be many. People don't always know the law that pertains to them and their situation but feel taken or mistreated.

I liked the old days when judges were wise and not just educated. Most of you probably know the case in the Bible where two women came before Solomon both claiming that a child was their's and not the others.

Solomon, in his wisdom said to cut the baby in half and give half to each woman. The real mother, out of love for her child said to give the baby to the other woman rather than killing him. That's how Solomon knew who the real mother was.

Getting to the truth is even harder these days. Everyone's willing to lie to get what they want. I just watched a case on The People's Court where a repairman was being sued because he collected some of the money but didn't show up to repair the dryer for over a year.

Both claimed they called each other several times. Apparently, the repairman was waiting for parts he ordered and called when they came in. The guy never called him back so he went over and got no answer at the door. So he quit calling the guy and just forgot all about the situation.

Well, the customer says the repairman never called or came by, just took the money.

They were in court over $23 in parts and about $70 labor. First, how could you wait a year without having a clothes dryer? WHY would you?

And why, would you go to court over less than $100 which wouldn't even pay the janitor's salary, let alone the judges and the bailiff, court reporter, etc.

If I were the repairman, I would have, after several phone messages, let the guy know that if he didn't call back in a certain amount of time, the contract would be terminated and I would have refunded the money.

If I were the customer, I would have made sure I was available to the repairman and keep in contact. Just being responsible could have kept it out of court.

In Tombstone, AZ. they still settle things the old fashioned way. If a man beats on his wife, other men in the town take care of it. The wife beater simply disappears. There are hundreds of old mine shafts and miles of empty desert around. You either act responsibly and morally or else.

I'm not saying that Tombstone's way of dealing with things is right either, but in the two years I lived there, I only heard of one case of spouse abuse.

When people have a problem with each other, wouldn't it be so much more simple to admit when you're wrong and settle it like a person who has some values?

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