Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Pit Bull Debate

Probably won't be a long debate. There's not much to debate about really.

Put bull owners try to convince the rest of the world that it's only how the animal is raised and not the breed itself that is dangerous. You would think that since so many cities and states, even in other countries ban the ownership of these dogs, one could automatically conclude the breed must be dangerous.

The owners of course will say it's a conspiracy or that it's just bad press. One bad experience makes everyone afraid and they are overreacting.

That certainly does happen. Communities get overly anxious about many things and just start banning away. Things can get bad reputations because of a few bad apples and it can have unjust consequences.

But lets look at the facts. The fact without the fear of the public or the emotional attachments or egos of those that own them.

First lets look at the majority of owners. Males, 18 to 45. Men want a big, strong, protective animal, much like they see themselves to be. A buddy. It's hard to convince most men that a poodle will make them a good buddy. A Doberman, German Shepherd, Pit Bull or Akita is more their style.

Ask a drug dealer about Pits. Why do they use them for protection? Because they're mean and will kill, not just bite when you trespass.

I've known many Pits, never gotten attacked or even bitten. Very friendly and sweet animals. Yet they have a bad rep.

Dangerous Dog Breed Statistics

Analyzing a sampling of press accounts from Canada and the USA during 1982-2007, researchers pinpointed the dog breeds that are most likely to cause death or serious injury. This research study concluded that, unlike any other breed of dog, Pitbulls attacked adults almost as often as they attacked children. The researchers found that Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, and Wolf-Dog Hybrids combined to account for:
  • 77% of attacks that caused bodily harm to the injured dog bite victims.
  • 73% of attacks that harmed children.
  • 83% of attacks that injured adults.
  • 70% of attacks that resulted in death.
  • 77% of attacks that maimed the dog attack victims.
Another study looked at data obtained from incidents where victims were mauled by dogs during 1982-2006 and found that Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Perro de Presa Canario, and their mixes caused 65% of the dog bite deaths during that time period in the United States.
Some sources claim that the six types of dogs commonly identified as the most dangerous or vicious dog breeds are Akitas, Chow-Chows, Doberman Pinschers, Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, and Wolf-Dog Hybrids.
Another study looked at a selection of 88 dog attacks from 2006-2008 in the United States, with results ranging from recoverable injuries to death. Of those incidents, it was found that:
  • Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, and American Bulldogs were responsible for 77% of all deaths.
  • Pit Bulls were responsible for 59% of all deaths.
  • Pit Bulls killed more adults than children.
If that weren't enough, Pits were responsible for more mauling of children than any other breed when gotten loose and run with other dogs in the neighborhood.

The Real Truth is that most people who own these dogs know this, but feel if they admit it, it says that they themselves aren't responsible, good people.

Some just don't care and feel it's for protection and therefore acceptable. At least with guns, it's the owner that pulls the trigger instead of some animal they cannot control when faced with a protective situation.

Case closed?

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