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Unlike my last post on abortion, I have some definite views on this subject. most can be backed up by science and not backed up by religion. Religion and science should never be at odds. If God made this world, we're just trying to figure out how it works. There is a definite science in the world that is just as accurate and definitive as the spiritual is and they would never counteract or contradict each other. God didn't make the world just to confound scientists, rather the opposite. It's not a concept that religious people can simply carve to their own liking because of some book they have that they consider "the way".

Homosexuality is an abnormality in the human genome and is in most cases not the result of a conscious choice on the part of the person who experiences it. It's not a an abomination other than the fact that is isn't part of the normal genome sequence. This is an area where science definitely has the upper hand in the debate.

10% of any population has this abnormality. 10% weather you go back 10 years or 5000 years and in any social environment or religious community. The only difference in the statistics are when the stigma is so bad that no one can admit that they are homosexual.

This will be a long post, so sit back and relax.

Science has already found the genes that not only control your sexual preference, but weather you will have male or female parts and the problem is that some people are born with opposites in that respect. A female that prefers women. A man that prefers men. Regardless of what the bible may say or what any religion might say, there are genetics behind homosexuality.

Do you really think that a butch lesbian can look the way she does simply by getting a haircut and wearing men's clothing? Really??? If there are physical aspects that are involved, why is it so hard to understand that physics rely on genes to tell the body what to look like and what parts we are born with? Do you call a child born with 6 toes instead of 5 an abomination to God? Probably not. The same applies to homosexuals.

Sure, there are and have been thousands who have chosen the lifestyle of same sex relationships. Many of whom were abused by either a family member as a child or by a mate or other decisions.

Did you know that a large percentage of female dancers (strippers) are in lesbian relationships? Did you know that a majority of those women were sexually abused by their fathers? Some in the industry are lesbians because they chose women over men after all the time spent doing their jobs for men. Men sicken them. They choose to be involved otherwise.

Here's another way to look at it.

If, in the beginning, it is as the Bible says it is, we were made perfect. Then Lucifer temped Eve and she convinced Adam to partake of the forbidden fruit which in turn God knew about and threw them out of the Garden of Eden.

Lets just put it in plain language instead of using parables to make it easy for the Christians to understand.
One decision that goes against the most beneficial and best way to do things eventually gets in the DNA and changes the way future generations will do things. This is what Christians call sin. In the original writings, there were 7 different meaning for the word sin. They ranged from a "mistake" to something Unforgivable.

Once a perfect gene mutates either through human decision or through radiation changes or other environmental causes, that imperfection will always show up, sometimes skipping generations and sometimes not at all. Physical genetic homosexuality has nothing at all to do with sin or with choices and cannot be made different by trying to say it's sin. All you accomplish is making that person feel they are not worthy of God's love because they are all screwed up and it must be their own fault. Look up the word "abomination". It's not a replacement for the word sin.

Is that what God really wants? For you to make the person with 12 toes feel that God hate's them because they don't fit in with your idea of perfect? Preposterous.

Homosexuality may be an abnormality, (certainly) but does not make that person any more human or at fault than your car has at deciding weather to be red or blue. If you would stop and listen to them, ask them! Did they always know they were attracted to the same sex or was it a choice? Just because they're gay doesn't mean they are going to lie to you.

And what about transsexuals? Do you even know what that is? Put yourself in their shoes for a few moments. They were born with tits and a penis, or other combinations of organs. Usually the doctors decide what to do, and in many cases never tell the parents. Then the child starts growing up as a girl, but feels like a boy. Its tragic what doctors decide for the parents. They think they have the right to make all decisions and know better than anyone else what's best for everyone.

The soul doesn't have a "sex". You are not a man nor a woman. Only your body is. What if you were born with both sex's' parts? What makes you a boy or a girl? Is it the parts that make you who you are or the hormones in your body? I can tell you right now, it's the hormones. Whatever your body produces is what determines your attraction to either male or female. So how can you call homosexuality an abomination to God? It's just a confused body at work and not the work of the Devil trying to corrupt your child or someone else's.

If I have offended any person out there that is homosexual, I apologize. In my effort to explain things to the "phobes" I may have inadvertently used language that is inappropriate for your situation. My intent is solely to inform and help dispel rumor and the endless debate. At least maybe one reader will see the truth behind what is and never should have ever been, a moral issue.

Are you part of the crowd that goes out and beats up gays? Well, be forewarned. In my next life I plan on coming back as your father (sexual abuse intended) and making sure you turn out gay and/or really confused and abused like you do to others.

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