Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Border Debate

It's sad this even has to be a topic of discussion. Open borders, or lock them down.

I'm quite sure that if not for racism and crime we wouldn't be having this debate. Of course, there is the issue of prosperity too. Poor people from other places want to have economic security just like the rest of us. Most just want enough food on the table. Some come for freedom from oppressive governments and social atrocities. Some just want to use our borders for selling illegal drugs and increasing their empires. Some people come here for love. I myself have a Canadian wife and after 6 months of being in love with someone I had never met, she came here for a while. (We're working on the legality of her being able to come live here permanently.)

So you can see, I have a vested interest in an open border. That doesn't negate the realities of keeping out the riff-raff. What? You say we have enough riff-raff already here? So true.

The problem with that is that much of our own drug cartels and large gangs are run from prison. We already have them locked up, but that does not one bit of good. So I wonder if locking down the borders will really accomplish a darned thing. Sure, it may stop some drug importing, but that won't stop them from increasing production here in the states instead.

The problem with borders is that it's just a territorial viewpoint. Racist in the fact that if you weren't born here we don't want you here. Now they're trying to pass legislation that if your parents weren't born here and you were, we still don't want you here. What next? Do we pass a law that says if your parents weren't American Indian you have to leave?

Here's my opinion. We are all humans and every human is just as valuable as any other human. That is what our forefathers said when they started this new country. That is the principal we have to value if we want to call ourselves American. All souls have the same value in God's eyes, after all.

Why do we insist on sequestering ourselves away from all other humans? Greed partly. We conquer lands to keep for ourselves because no one will be nice enough to leave us in peace. We have borders partly because if we don't, someone will come and take it from us just like we took it from them. Commit the same atrocities we committed to the Indians while trying to get away from the British. What you take by force, you must defend.

No one alive today can be judged to have been part of America's nasty past. We are the descendants and while not blameless entirely, for the most part we don't try and make the rest of the world part of the United States. We only strive to force them to believe as we do.

The Christians have long fought against the idea of a world government. I sometimes wonder exactly where the fear comes from. I know all about Revelations and how the Anti-Christ is supposed to have a leader that brings all nations together. Sometimes the Bible is just a tool to keep people afraid of being of one mind. (I'm reminded of the tower of Babel.) It would seem that while God loves everyone equally, he doesn't want us to get too close to each other and become God. At the tower of Babel the nations started building a tower that would reach to the sky and reach God. Then they would become as God. He made them unable to understand each other. Gave them all different languages so they could not work as one. What a ridiculous explanation! The Germans and us speak different languages, yet they both had the same root and we can easily learn each others language with a little effort. Trying to tell me that the tower of Babel would just be forgotten as an endeavor just because of a language barrier? I just don't believe it.

Look at the world now. We have computers to immediately translate anything we see on the screen. We are working together more than at anytime in history and God hasn't decided to change all our shit around so that we can't do anything intelligent or make progress in science. We know more know that we ever have with no end in sight.

I'm not saying God isn't real, but I am saying that God would have had to use those types of fairy tales just to get his people to understand the simplest of things. They wouldn't have been able to understand that language differences occurred naturally over time. People come up with new words for things in their environment, accents change over time and things become unrecognizable in the ensuing centuries.

All people are valuable and racism keeps us apart. We should have no borders with our neighbors and peace should reign if there were any real justice in the world.

As long as there's religion, racism and greed, war will always be a part of our world.

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  1. Sidenote: Don't pray for peace. Peace is not a "Thing" that can come into being via prayer.

    Praying for peace is praying for God to break his own rules on free will. As long as there are humans there will be war.

    Rather, pray for God to soften people's hearts to one another.