Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Witchcraft and You

Here's another rant about the Churches and oppression of those they disagree with.

One might think that I am angry with Christianity and God, but nothing could be farther from the truth. I am a spiritual person, just not the kind that thinks there's only one path to God. No, I'm not a witch either, but used to play around with the idea and for a while got quite an education in the process that I never would have gotten from the Christian sources I was involved with previously.

I knew what the Church had to say about it but felt there was something wrong with "Suffereth not a witch to live" and other fears the church had concerning them. Seemed out of place in the book of the Bible it was in and the overall context of most of the other passages. So I started researching Wicca and witchcraft in general.

I have to admit I was a young buck and had heard that witches were mostly women and they danced naked and had sex rituals. What red blooded young man wouldn't want to know more about this! I knew I did, but was severely disappointed in the reality. Yes, there were some really odd things and strange people. It seemed that Wicca mostly drew the people who were drawn by oddities and the idea of magic and even many mentally ill people.

Mostly it was just young girls trying to earn their independence and piss off their parents. I learned some very startling things though in my research that you won't learn in church, and it was no glory to the precepts that Christianity was supposed to hold.

Like the fact that originally witches were nothing more than midwives in early Europe. They learned healing herbs and delivered babies and were the wise ones of the small villages. If the passages in the Bible that spoke of witches were written as early as they are supposed to have been written, they wouldn't likely have been there at all because the term "witch" didn't even come about until much later. Yet Christians today still hold that there were never any mistranslations in the Bible. That the word of God is perfect and complete, infallible-yet they forget sometimes that the rulers of the day indeed did change some things, and those changes still persist today.

Please don't mistake my vehemency on subjects like these for anger or resentment. I do feel betrayed sometimes by the things I learned that I later learned was completely false, but I don't harbor resentment. I do however feel that the record should be set straight and that they will be judged. Judged by their own lies and corruption in front of God. There's no excuse for the two-faced, pretenders. I'm not mad at God, I'm mad at his followers.

How about the fact that when the church came to Europe and saw the harvest dances, the Christians thought they were riding brooms. Indeed there were brooms, part of the ritual festival for crop fertility, which was just as superstitious as Christians thinking they were actually doing magick and riding brooms. 

Another factoid, There were only three witches burnt at the stake in the U.S.. At least two of those happened in Boston. Most were hung or drowned, and it was by the thousands by Christians in Europe. Christians killed more people for being witches than all of the jihad Muslims combined-(9 Million according to some sources) then you can also throw in all the Jews Hitler killed and you still wouldn't have the total number of witches killed by Christians. Betcha won't get that information in Bible school, the accuracy of which I can't personally attest to.

For those uninitiated with the topic, The Wiccan Rede is not much different from the Golden Rule; An it harm none, do what thou will.

There is no Satanism in Wicca (witchcraft), no sacrifices of humans or animals (Jews and Christians did) and no wars started over the precepts and beliefs. They were simply slaughtered and had to use folklore and stories mostly to give future generations their knowledge, lest they be found out and hung.

The old Catholic church used to tear down their pagan places of worship and build the church on the ruins of the old ways. They, much of the time, had to use local stonemasons and workers for labor which turned out to be kind of funny because right under the noses of the Catholic church, the masons and stone workers added in their own deities and symbolic icons and were forced to go to church. The Catholics didn't realize they were still praying to their own gods and goddesses while in the Church.

Pagan witches ended up making their own languages, secret symbols used to write texts and they kept these texts well hidden. It was called the book of shadows. Shadows, because it had to be hidden away on pain of death. Witches were no more "magic" than an average person could walk on water. Spells abound, superstitions of healing and powers, attributed to the Goddess and God. But no more strange than any other pagan beliefs.

They did get a few things right by developing their intuitive powers. The Tarot is one of them. Many believe that the symbolism on the cards are things just like our road signs today. If you see 3 wavy lines one over the other, you know that means water.

The same type of symbolism in most older cultures including most American Indian and Egyptian hieroglyphs. Things that have been symbols from the beginning or our cultures first writings. Using these symbols helps the user "tune" in the the super-conscious or the mind of God, giving the user the ability to shuffle the cards and pick ones that are relevant to the readee.

I used to be very proficient with the cards myself. There was never any of the Romanian tricks associated with Gypsies. Just straight forward intuition and many times, a literal interpretation of the cards as the instruction books say. I have successfully predicted the pregnancy of a woman who didn't yet know she was pregnant, and many, many other things. I wasn't calling on any demons, nor using otherworldly powers, I was just using my intuition in a controlled, more intense fashion than I would do at any other time or situation.

One piece of advice, never take seriously anyone who would charge you for the service. Does a Christian in church with a revelation tell you that you must give them 10 bucks to tell you what God told them to tell you? Of course not. How priests can tell you you have to pay to get out of purgatory is simply evil. (sorry, it's just my opinion.) The greed of the Church.

I'm not talking about tithe. Tithe is a perfectly acceptable way to support those who are your spiritual leaders and moral shepherds. (If you like being sheep.) Most of them spend all their time helping the flock and doing everything they can for humanity, at least those who aren't molesting children.

Money always gets in the way of real spiritual gifts given to anyone. There are many things out there that are only evil if you believe they are. ESP is a prime example. Christians think that being together for years and knowing if the other is going to call is from God. When non-Christians can hear each other's thoughts they think the Devil plays some part, since it's a "power". Nonsense, and don't you believe them for a second. It's a talent of the human brain-some much more than others, able to send and recieve energy. It's not a "gift" and it's not a being or God sending the messages for you. It's just you doing what millennial of survival has imparted to us through learning and changing DNA.

How God could allow the passage "Suffereth not a witch to live", is beyond my understanding.

Oh, and by the way, real Satanists do not believe in Satan, nor do they believe in any God at all. They believe they are god themselves. They are basically just atheists with a bad attitude. I've known 2 of them myself and what they seem to have in common is pessimism and disdain for anything happy or pure. They do not, however, sacrifice virgins or hold midnight seances.

I believe in all paths to God. That means that if a person is seeking the light, he or she will find it if they are thirsty enough for it. You can be a Wiccan, a Buddhist, Taoist, or any number of things and still find God and still find peace. I have searched for the truth, and for becoming a better person, and for inner peace all my life and have found it in a number of places, all enriching my soul more and more. I have even found peace and fulfillment in science and the amazement of what can be here on earth, not just in heaven. I'm not scared to die, and know I will give a good accounting when I do.

No Wiccan has ever even hurt my feelings, let alone make me feel as betrayed as my Christian brethren. Let your fear and loathing of those you don't understand go, and find that love is long-suffering and kind. Like Jesus intended.

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