Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Politics and Religion

This site really isn't religious or political, however, I do have to speak my mind on the subjects and hopefully you will find the truth in it and not just be defensive. Let me explain.

When my wife and I first got together we used to have some really serious arguments. At first I couldn't understand why she would be so vehement about being right. With most other women i'd known, if you kept at a "who's right and who's wrong" type conversation long enough, they would simply say, "Whatever!" at some point and the conversation would be over. But not her. As long as she thought she was right she would not give up and after a dozen or so of these, I started noticing a pattern; I found myself wrong sometimes. (Ok, half the time or more.)

It made me question my memory as well as my views. At first I felt taken down a notch or three. I felt like she didn't really respect my or my views. I was the man of the house and dammit, I should be listened to! As it turned out, she didn't think of me as the man of the house but as a partner in life. As one person and she was not going to allow me (as part of her) to be wrong or misinformed because that reflected on her as well.

Once I quit feeling sorry for myself I had a revelation. Why would I want to be wrong about anything?? For prides sake? You can be a lot more proud of knowing the truth than in being wrong.

We still argued about who was right or wrong, but it took on a new hue. Now we were arguing to find out what the truth was. She also got to where she realized (and it was a shock to her) that she was wrong sometimes also. We started looking things up and doing research. We started arguing kinder with each other and even feeling a sense of accomplishment if we found ourselves to be wrong.

When you find out you're wrong, feel happy that you finally got that bit of incorrect information out of you instead of feeling foolish and defensive. That is my point.

As I said in my last article, "I'm not afraid to tell the truth" I've never found a single group of people who are so willing to lie to get what they want as Republicans. Many are simply being vehement about their views because they hate to be wrong and they follow whatever sources they have and use for information because it fits their was of thinking instead of taking the harder route and finding these things out on their own.

They listen to Fox News or the hellfire attitudes of their preachers or pretend to be with the early settlers of America who needed their guns and the right to do anything they want, whenever they want.

The truth is that the Republican part is now the greedy party, not the Christian party. The Republicans have chosen the side of big business and greed instead of truth and caring about the small guy. It's also the racist party. It's the party the Skinheads choose. You won't find any Democrat racist or Skinhead. They choose industry over nature.

Before you even go there, of course not all Republicans aren't racist or Nazis. No one with any brains would make such a claim. I hear there's even a few of them who are nice...LOL

Still, how does it feel to know that that's the type of people who only flock to the Republic party? There are more racist homophobes in small town, conservative America than anywhere else. And why can't conservatives see that homophobia is racism? You don't have to agree with the lifestyle, but you don't have to go around beating them up. That's what the Aryans do. The Republicans are so busy comparing our President to Hitler and saying he's Socialist and a Nazi, all the while being racist themselves and more closely aligned to old Germany than the Jews.

You don't think beating up gays is anything more than religious terrorism? You want them dead, the Muslim extremists want YOU dead. You are the same as they are. Wrong. One would think from reading the Bible and Christs attitudes and precepts that Christians would be the kindest, most loving, tolerant people on earth. The meek. But as with all religions, instead people use it to make them feel good about themselves by putting others down and being at war with people of other religions and beliefs.

This is why I align myself with science instead of religion. (No, not Scientology.)

Science holds no grudge that the Christians think human kind has only been around for 6 thousand years, it just knows better. It sees race and color as exposure to different levels of UV rays over thousands of years in different climates and it knows that we all came from Africa originally, from one race and the DNA is there to prove it and can trace your lineage back through Europe and Asia and the Middle East and then to Africa.
You may be a white supremest, yet you are just as African as the blackest Nairobi who never left Africa.

The only financially successful Republican U.S. President was Ronald Reagan, or so I'm told. If this is the case, why doesn't the Republican party change it's policies some? I have to admit that Bush was finally starting to see the light a bit towards the end and started the bail out process. But if we weren't chasing oil across the middle east, war after war with the pretext of a war on terror, we wouldn't have gotten in this shape in the first place.

As we speak we are getting ready to go after Iran when North Korea is making more threats, is more unstable and has done more against the freedom and rights of humanity than even the Middle East has. So why is that? There's no oil in North Korea (comparatively). They both have made threats against the States (nuclear) and have comparatively unstable governments.

I know it's an old argument. Republicans and their oil interests. Why have they tried so hard to block everything the President has tried to accomplish? Hell, they're blocking even the things they wanted to do themselves, but because the Dems are trying to get it done they just naturally have to stand in the way.

Republicans deregulated Wall Street. We all know how that turned out. Free market only goes so far towards economic stability. After a point of deregulation, the greedy and criminal gets a foothold and after they have taken what they can, they leave the rest of the nation in shambles and they don't care. That's what government is FOR. We have laws for a reason. We have government and regulations for very good reasons.

Here an excerpt from a respected source on new of the stock market, Stocks and News, the week in review-from the article, "Wall Street History".

“First, the era of laissez-faire economics has ended. For 30 years, the Anglo-Saxon model of free-market capitalism spread across the globe. The role of the state was diminishing, and deregulation, privatization, and the openness of borders to capital and trade were rising. Much of central and eastern Europe adopted this model, as did swaths of East Asia and diverse nations from Ireland to Mexico. 
“This movement reflected the economic primacy of the United States. Its growth, soaring standards of living, and conservative economic policies were widely admired. Countless societies preferred this model and supported governments that espoused it. The state-centered models, such as the French and German ones, were in retreat. 
“Now, a page has been turned. The Anglo-Saxon financial system is seen as having failed. The global downturn, and all its human devastation, is being attributed to that failure. Throughout the world, including in the United States, this has turned the political tide in a new direction. The role of the state is expanding again, together with a reregulation of markets. This is evident in the United States, where President Obama has moved toward more activist and bigger government. The quasi nationalization of the banking and automotive industries, as well as the pending reform of the financial system, makes this clear. It is also clear in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere, where nationalizations have gone even further. And it is clear in statements made by such leaders as French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who recently celebrated ‘the return of the state’ and ‘the end of the ideology of public powerlessness.’ 
“Second, globalization is in retreat, both in concept and in practice. Much of the world now sees it as harmful. Those nations, especially developing ones, that embraced increased capital flows and open trade have been particularly injured. Those that insulated themselves, such as India, have been less scarred. The global spread of goods, capital, and jobs is reversing. Global exports are falling sharply. The World Bank reports that exports from China, Japan, Mexico, Russia, and the United States fell by 25 percent or more in the year leading up to February 2009. Capital flows are plunging, too. Emerging markets are projected to receive only $165 billion in net positive capital inflows this year, down from $461 billion in 2008. Furthermore, financial and trade protectionism are spreading…. 
“Third, the world may be entering a new global phase marked by less leadership, less coordination, and less coherence….The United States has turned inward, preoccupied with severe unemployment and fiscal pressures…"

The greedy get rich. The rich don't want us to stop them from getting richer. The richer take without thought to the people who have not and ruin our overall economy. The government steps in and says, "Hey! Enough's enough!" The Republicans fight for small government and deregulation. Republicans=Greed. Greed breeds lying and morally reprehensible behavior. Of course God said that, yet the greed party is the Christian party.

When will they listen to their own God instead of money? Never.


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