Saturday, August 21, 2010

Gay Marriage

Here's a topic everyone on earth seems to have a definite opinion on. (I wonder if there are any "Don't Know's" in any of the polls.)

Most have boiled it down to "One Man; One Woman" kind of idea. I think at least that's a bit more honest in a way. That way they can at least appear as if they aren't against gays and are not bigots. (Sorry for the sarcasm.)

Of course, they claim marriage is a contract between the two parties and God and since God hates homosexuality, it can only be between heterosexual couples. They lay claim to the whole institution as though no other society on earth has or had ever thought of the idea. Some estimates of how long the religion of the one true God has been around ranges from between 6 to 12 thousand years.

Ok, however, Marriage has been around in society for many, many more thousands of years and has no real historical definition other than mating and "keeping" of a monogamous relationship.

Its fine and dandy to utilize the concept of God being involved to make it a "holy" union, however, contracts between people are the norm in our society and marriage is a contract that the church should definitely stay out of. We decided the church should stay out of government, much to the disdain of every old nosey bitty everywhere. Christians today think they should impose their value system on everyone, in church, in government, in the military and in society in general. That is exactly what the Muslims Jihad want to do to the Christians. Once more, a war between old fashioned ideas, none of which are truly good for the country.

If you can have a contract between you and your lawyer, or business partner and its legal and binding, how can you say you won't let people make a contract for love unless its just man and woman? By those standards the only way you should be able to go in to business with someone is if they are of the opposite sex! (I'm sure many women out there feel that would be best for it's success though.)

I wonder how many Christian women out there could go back in time and live like we did 500 years ago. How about 1000 years ago? How many wives would you let your husband have? Would you have been content to live in a tent doing nothing except the cooking and cleaning and weaving the tents and taking care of the kids? Would you be willing to be covered up in 120 degree heat all the time? Would you like to not be allowed to get some cash from you husband to get the groceries? That's man and boy's work.

Religion and Christianity have changed and changed and changed, just like every other society except for some of the Beduins who still practice many of the Old Testament rules though they are not Jewish but rather Muslim. They still have multiple wives, especially if the first wife only gave them daughters. They are still not considered more than property and the roles make the women feel used and unappreciated.

The man also decides whom the children should marry. One unusual guy said that he would listen to his wife on the subject, but it was definitely his decision.

Oh, they still agree that if a woman is found not to have been a virgin when married, the father is obligated to kill the girl. If a man dies, it is the obligation of the brother to take her as his wife. And no, not her choice once again. If a woman is caught unveiled in public, the husband may, at his discretion, either kill her or disfigure her face with acid.

Most of the information above was taken from a documentary and interviews with the women, men and children from the Beduin society called shifting Sands in which Dr. Ruth (I thought she was dead) interviews people from an unrecognized town of Beduin.

The main point of this article though is that by denying same sex couples the right to marry, not only are you telling them you're a bigot because even though you feel its not right, you will still force them into your way of living, but you are also denying them legal rights that everyone else has thereby proving you're a bigot and not just disapproving of them.

I can't help but feel its just like women getting the right to vote and blacks getting the right to vote. You can't tell one section of society they are human and have rights and not extend those rights to everyone.

Oh, and by the way, God didn't say homosexuality was bad, He said that MEN shouldn't lay with other men. He never said anything about women. Its the men who are in charge of religion and men who are the perverts. Should you trust them to guide your relationship with God? Not unless you are really blonde...oopppss....

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